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Eating and Drinking

“If your glass is half empty just fill the rest with red wine”

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Looking for a place to relax? BOOMERANG BAR in Coastal City (Aussie owned) is the place to go. Excellent selection of beers, an even more exquisite selection of whiskies you won’t find anywhere else in Shenzhen, hearty, home-made food and, to top it all, very friendly service.  Sports TV on 3 screens comes as an add-on, it’s a nice place to stick around for a couple of drinks.

Where is it? Easy to find – if you come by subway, leave Houhai Station (后海站) through exit E and you are practically there, BOOMERANG BAR is located just opposite the Poly Theater.

More detailed address:

Screenshot 2014-12-15 17.49.51BOOMERANG BAR website (look out for special announcements)

Enjoy and have a good time!






Ever wondered what licensing plates in China mean? Worry no further, the good people of ‘that’s’ online provide all the information you need.

Simply click on Screenshot 2014-12-15 17.39.04

to read all about Chinese licensing plates you ever wanted to know!



Magokoroya Japanese Restaurant

Tel: 0755 2667 6340

Location: Shekou Sea World, Shenzhen, Nanshan District

Magokoroya is, since a couple of years already, our favorite Japanese eatery in Shekou. It’s small, seats roughly 20 customers in the open restaurant and maybe another 30 (max) in the three separate rooms, most of the clientele is Japanese, that should say something about the quality of the food. At dinner time it’s almost every day full to capacity, so either come a little early or after 10 pm to get a table. Food is always fresh and needs a while to be prepared – Makogoroya is not one of those ghastly places where Sushi rides around for hours on a conveyor belt. Sashimi is plenty for the money and the Tempura actually has more prawn than batter. The various hotpots are delicious and more than two can handle, ask for the separate menu, they are not on the main menu. Since the completion of construction of phase 1 at Sea World the restaurant is again easy to find, so give it a try – you might not regret the experience. Enjoy!


To find quality bread in China isn’t easy. Available choices in the supermarkets are factory produced and don’t really appeal to western tastes, every so often. Recently a couple of bakeries did spring up in Shenzhen with better choices, the one which deserves wider recognition is “Sam’s Coffee and Bakery” in Shekou. Sam offers a wide variety of bagels, cakes and breads, as well as a very decent cup of coffee or cappuccino on the spot, while you wait for your order. Sam himself is always available for a chat and when you have no time to pick up your order, they will deliver. Call in advance to find out when they have fresh products.

Address: 101B, Yongjing Xuan, Shekou Gong Ye 7th Road, Nanshan, Shekou

Tel: 13923412188 (English); 26810123 (Chinese) 

(Picture source Cressica Brazier

The Primitive and Healthy Restaurant (缘生态) at Block B, Eco Square, OCT, Nanshan District is our favorite restaurant for Tibetan and Yunnan food. Enjoy Yak-meat and a wide variety of other delicacies as well as one or the other Tibetan beer in a comfortable environment, with very friendly service and all reasonably priced.

Address in Chinese: 深圳市南山区华侨城OCT生态广场B座; Tel. +86 755 26921890

Macau has its fair share of culinary highlights, but the one and only place we never miss when we happen to be there is ‘Restaurante Fernando‘ on Coloane.

Go to their website for all essential information how to reach the place – you won’t regret it!

McCawley’s is finally coming to Guangzhou, we hear, which certainly is a welcome addition to the local pub – scene. The already established pubs in Shekou and Futian don’t need any further introduction, but we are more than happy to take note of the new place.

Address: No. 16 Hua Cheng Ave., Zhu Jiang New Town, Tian He District, Guangzhou

In case you missed it: Kangaroo Meat is available China-wide now thanks to this Shenzhen-based company. From their website: Kangaroo is one of nature’s finest meats. Produced only in Australia under strict government control it is healthy, clean and sensationally good to eat. And now it’s available all over China! This site tells you all you need to know about this great meat.

The website offers all kinds of useful information about Kangaroo Meat, nutritional facts as well as Asian and Western Recipes for cooking. Bon appetit, mate!

If you live in Greater Shenzhen then you might consider to use nogogo’s online groceries delivery service. It’s neat, reliable and offers a wide variety of food items. Visit nogogo’s website to see what they have and where they deliver – you will be surprised!

and partying!





Good Times! Events Planning is a breakthrough enterprise in the relatively new field of organizing and decorating events for the city of Shenzhen. Unlike Do-It-Yourself (DIY), events, we take it to the professional level including the details which not only is embedded into a lasting memory, but we also create an impression on every guest or customer you wish to make an impact upon – giving you the edge.


Eugene Pao

Simply put, Eugene Pao is Hong Kong’s most publicly recognized jazz musician and his name is synonymous with jazz in this great city. Such reputation cannot be more deserving as Eugene has been on the vanguard of promoting jazz in the territory through his performances and recordings over the last twenty plus years

Eugene Pao’s personal website: 


Eugene Pao’s blog: 

Eugene Pao @ Gold Coast Music Festival

Eugene Pao & Angelita Li @ The Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival

Interview with Eugene Pao on 


Allen Youngblood: Bloodlines

Hong Kong, 1995

GRIOT 7774   KCL 0038

Click on the cover-picture and listen to ‘Rhythm Tribe’ from ‘Bloodlines’




Allen Youngblood (Piano, Keyboards, Vocals); Vastine “Wink” Pettis (Alto Sax, Vocals);     Eugene Pao (Guitars); Paul Candelaria (Bass); Anthony Fernandes (Drums, Percussion, Vocals); John B. Abraham (Percussion); Ric Halstead (Tenor Sax); Robison Randriaharimalala (Kalimba, Vocals); Frank Rusco (Trombone); Paul Lenz (Flugelhorn); Randall Lipford (Rap)

Allen Youngblood plays at the FCC in Hong Kong

Allen Youngblood, Eugene Pao, Blaine Whittaker, Paul Candelaria & Robbi Harris Live @ Grappa’s Cellar, Hong Kong (Jan 21, 2012)


No specific relation to the PRD, but too good to be left out, here some references to Gong Linna (龚琳娜) and her immensely popular song Tan Te (忐忑), better known in China as Shen Qu (神曲), the ‘Divine Song’

神曲 was made known by the Chinese artist Gong Linna (龚琳娜) and her composer/ musician husband Robert Zollitsch (老锣).

Gong Linna and Robert Zollitsch performing (click on the picture to listen)

Ever since Gong Linna performed the song first time in public in 2010 it has enjoyed immense popularity not only on TV, but also on the internet among China’s younger generation, usually not necessary known to be very fond of music with a classical background. The song, and its very distinct performance by Gong Linna has since spawned a variation of interpretations, some of which are, in their own right, equally enjoyable and interesting to watch.

Here and also here are some links to the original version by Gong Linna as well as various interpretations (for me, the best instrumental version is here) and an essay about the song (in German); more links can be found on together with some background information about the artist.

Gong Linna’s website in English is here, her Chinese website you can find here. The Chinese site in particular has many links to recordings of Gong Linna’s performances, always enjoyable to listen to – and watch. Robert Zollitschs website is here.

has lots of life-recordings and interviews with Gong Linna, if you would like to hear and see more just go to  or and follow the other links visible there.

Needful Links



About Shenzhen Standard

Shenzhen Standard was established in 2009 by the expatriate community of Shenzhen. The community generated and editorial content found on provides residents and visitors with relevant and timely information about the city, the people, the businesses and the culture of Shenzhen. Shenzhen Standard’s collective goal is to facilitate exploration, appreciation and participation in this rapidly evolving city and community.





Delta Bridges is the only media that covers the 11 cities of the PearlRiver Delta, offering city specific information as well as promoting Delta integration.

Another well-designed website keeping us informed about what’s happening, well, in the South. I personally like their very informative and well-written Blog, for the remaining information – if you missed it somewhere else, it’s for sure to be found here.

Shenzhen’s own English language newspaper. There will be soon versions in additional languages, we hear.

Shenzhen TV home page

Most comprehensive collection of government related information about Shenzhen we found so far.

Flight-schedules (fairly accurate and updated) and how to get there and away by public transportation. Please note: Subway station will open end of June 2011 and connect to downtown Shenzhen.

Another English language website dedicated to Shenzhen. WikiShenzhen has a comprehensive collection of maps and information about public transportation, so visit the site if you need some related information.

Shenzhen Post’s Role

  • Promote and market Shenzhen to leisure and business visitors.
  • Advocate quality improvements to tourism infrastructure and services.
  • Work to maximise the benefits of tourism for Shenzhenners and the local economy.
  • Shenzhen Post works closely with a number of key partners.

Shenzhen Post’s Key Activity

  • Public affairs – tourism strategy, developmental issues, research.
  • Marketing – campaigns and marketing strategy, Shenzhen Post publications, trade shows.
  • Partnership – activity and opportunities.
  • Travel trade – publications and exhibitions.
  • Press – Shenzhen Post and Shenzhen news, press photo library.
  • Shenzhen Post ’s offices are based near SSP.

Lots of useful links on this website dedicated to all things Shenzhen has to offer

NetworkPRD was founded in early 2009 and initially organized industry-focused events in the city of Shenzhen and other Pearl River Delta (PRD) cities. Network PRD is proud to have worked with numerous international companies and consistently brought Chinese nationals and foreigners together on diverse topics such as trade, manufacturing, recreation, wine, and education. While encouraging cooperation amongst professionals, Network PRD also supports charities such as Captivating Internationals Seng Girls home and the Shanghai Cherished Dream Foundation.

From hosting such events, the network has grown to over 10,000 people, most residing in the PRD. Network PRD always hopes that this growing network will serve to assist professionals thrive in this region. Beginning in the middle of 2011 Network PRD began having monthly business meetings and encourages business professionals of all professions to attend and bring important members of their network. Network PRD hopes it becomes the go-to place for networking here in Shenzhen. No business or person can succeed entirely independently.

Ferry connections from Shekou to Hong Kong, Hong Kong International Airport, Macau and Zhuhai are fast and convenient. Find the schedules here, but we recommend that you verify the actual valid schedule before you go to the Ferry-Terminal.

Ferry schedule from Shekou to Zhuhai and back, for the relevant schedules please click at the links below:

Shekou to Zhuhai ferry schedule

Zhuhai to Shekou ferry schedule

The site offers more information about connections to and from Zhuhai from various other destinations.

And another social website to keep the community, expat and Chinese, informed of events and other happenings around the city. You can subscribe to their newsletter or just drop by and check the website.

The name says it all…

Dongguan Standard was established in 2011 by the expatriate community of Dongguan.

The community generated and editorial content found on provides residents and visitors with relevant and timely information about the city, the people, the businesses and the culture of Dongguan. Our collective goal is to facilitate exploration, appreciation and participation in this rapidly evolving city and community.

Dongguan has the reputation to be Shenzhen’s naughty sister for a long time, but the authorities there try very hard to improve the image of this sprawling city. Check this website for information about working and living in Dongguan – chances are, if you do business in China, you will have to make one or the other trip there.

Website of Dongguan’s own Hi-Tech park, still looking for investors.

Useful official information for foreign visitors and residents of Guangdong province – recently updated regularly, so we consider both sites worthwhile to be mentioned here.

Long time reference for locals and expats alike, now fully commercialized. Still, the restaurant listings beat many other sites

MacauNews is an independent information service in English and Chinese that provides news about Macau in a regional and global context.

The electronic news service is provided free of charge.

MacauNews aims to help readers get a better understanding of current affairs in Macau, covering politics and socio-economic and business developments, including gaming and tourism, as well as culture, international relations concerning Macau , and any other “newsworthy” events.

A “Who’s Who in Macau ” will be another highlight.

Aside from hard news, MacauNews will also include a “Macau Monitor” section featuring analyses and opinion articles by scholars and experts on developments in the Special Administrative Region.

MacauNews is part of MacauLink that produces the Chinese-English-Portuguese Macauhub website, the world’s only trilingual news website dedicated to economic and commercial relations between China and the Portuguese-speaking world.

Macau CLOSER is the first current affairs / lifestyle magazine in English published in Macau. Its objective is to portray the increasingly cosmopolitan soul of the territory, covering at the same time the traditions and singular way of life that makes Macau unique in China.

Macau CLOSER brings you the top stories of the territory and the region, in-depth analysis of the best commentators in the area as well as a variety of lifestyle features, from gourmet dining to the latest trends in fashion, travel, high tech and cars. We also have the privilege of working with top-notch photographers and designers to deliver you a sophisticated product that satisfies both your mind and senses.

Our targets are primarily local and international businessmen / businesswomen, corporate executives and professionals avid for news and leisure tips in the region.

Macau CLOSER is published monthly, together with CTY (Closer to You), an up-to-date culture & entertainment guide for the territory.

The magazine also includes periodical inserts, which can be extended in-depth features, specialist guides and short stories.

The Delta Inter Chamber Event (DICE) organizes exclusive B2B networking events for members of the various chambers of commerce in the Pearl River Delta. Visit their website for and check for upcoming events.

Zhuhai’s own TV station’s own website in English.

Apparently there is life after dark in Zhuhai. Well, sort of.

Zhuhai Government official website

Yes, you guessed it – it’s mainly about gambling.

Macauhub is a free news service based in Macau which supplies economic information about the Great Delta region of the Pearl River, in the South of the People’s Republic of China, and the Portuguese-speaking countries in order to support the governments, institutions and businessmen to understand the potential there is for business and investments.

And then there is the blog about blogs (it had to come), as the header says exclusively about the Hong Kong species. Quite a selection with reviews by the ‘team’ and, IMHU, a very unfortunate link-policy. But then, as the blog-owners say on their opening page about blogging: “Never Before Have So Many People with So Little to Say Said So Much to So Few … “

About eChinacities: is an English-language website that provides a comprehensive range of services and information for both international visitors and China-based expats. It is developed and maintained by an international team of editors and researchers who know what information our users need when it comes to visiting, living and doing business in China. Since its launch, has grown in popularity among expats who live and work in China and international visitors who travel to China for business and leisure purposes. We strive to create and update new and valuable features for our expanding user base.

On, you’ll find comprehensive guides to 41 major Chinese cities covering everything from the best (and worst) restaurants, attractions and activities, articles on every aspect living and traveling in China, and up to date news and bulletins you won’t find on any other English-language site. No other online resource offers the wealth of information about China business, travel and life that does. is privately funded and is in no way affiliated with government agencies in or outside of China.

Guangzhou link:



Shenzhen link:



Zhuhai link:



Etnik Travel organizes trips and tours off the beaten track, some of them for the whole family. Visit their website to find out more about their program.


For people that travel to or live in areas where the internet access is not stable or fast, Skype or other VOIP calls cannot be depended on for important phone calls. Spaxtel’s Callback Connect service is the best choice for making crystal clear calls at inexpensive rates. For more information go to Spaxtel’s website:


Spaxtel now with Android app and iPhone app! Visit App Stores for more information and download

Public Transportation in the PRD: Subways, Metros & Trains

Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen each have well developed, modern subway and metro networks. They might be crowded at peak-hours, but generally provide a time-efficient way to get around when street traffic grinds to a hold. Station announcements are multi-lingual (Mandarin, Cantonese and English) on all systems, as are the ticket (resp. token) vending machines at all stations. All vending machines will accept banknotes as well as coins in Hong Kong’s MTR and give change, in Guangzhou and Shenzhen only dedicated vending machines will give change.

Below are links to maps for the various systems, they are updated regularly. Stations near or at border -crossings in Hong Kong (Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau) and Shenzhen (Luohu and Futian/ Huanggang) are clearly marked, there are, however, no through-lines – visitors will have to walk through immigration and custom checking.

Enjoy your trip!

Hong Kong MTR map: 

Hong Kong MTR App for the iPhone: 


Guangzhou Metro map: 

Guangzhou Metro App for the iPhone: 


Shenzhen Metro map: 

Shenzhen Metro App for the iPhone: 

All Apps available at the App Store 

If you need to travel a bit further abroad and you want to enjoy China’s scenery, a trip by train is highly recommended. Trains are comfortable, fast (some of them very fast) and usually on time. Accurate train schedules can be found here:

Tickets can be bought at train stations (you will need to show your passport). Make yourself familiar with the train classifications, some information can be found here:

Recently G-trains have been added, those are the really fast trains, in the PRD they commute between Shenzhen-North and Guangzhou-South stations.

What’s on your train ticket in China?

Tickets for the new high-speed G-trains look slightly different:

Please remember: Train tickets in China are personalized, you will have to present your identification documents when purchasing the ticket at the counter, the ID number then is printed on the ticket. Larger cities have dedicated counters for foreigners, staff speaks English. Platforms open a few minutes before departure, so you sometimes have to be quick on your feet to catch the train. Passengers with handicaps shall contact the station staff for assistance. Security checks, similar to airports, apply to all passengers. In some cities when you enter the train station, in other cities when you enter the waiting hall for your train. Enjoy your trip!

Getting around and not getting lost

There are maps and other travel related information around, here we show you some out of the ordinary. Not only useful, but also fun to use

Starting with our hometown, this 3D-map of Shenzhen (all in Chinese) is rich on detail and fun to browse around. It’s actually pretty much updated and accurate, visitors as well as local residents certainly will enjoy it

A different way of getting around and see Shenzhen is offered on this site. Enjoy 360° views on street level: Double-click on any location on the map on the right and you will get a full-circle view on the left, zoomable. Pretty cool and most pictures are reasonably updated

Guangzhou’s 3D-map is equally detailed and easy to navigate. I refer to it before I need to visit the city, so far it didn’t fail me. It’s all in Chinese as well

Guangzhou by foot

Ever thought about taking a walk in Guangzhou? Not me, so far, but this nice little tour description in traveldoco might do the trick for me and get me walking. For more, go here

This 3D-map of Macau has some errors, I’m told by people who know the place better than I do. I couldn’t find any so far, it’s still a great reference to consult before visiting the place or show folks at home where all the casinos are

Zhuhai’s 3D-map shows a couple of moving vehicles and has the same quality and detail as the other maps already mentioned above. It’s in Chinese as well, with some street names added in Pinyin

We would consider the use of a 3D-map for Dongguan to be somewhat a lost cause, but if you want to spot your supplier’s factory on this extraordinary piece you might actually be lucky – we found quite a few of our partners, once we figured out how to move about. Like in all other maps, streets and buildings are only named in Chinese

Hong Kong’s 3d-map is, compared to the others shown above, something of a let-down to me. It’s views are limited to Central and Kowloon and somehow lack detail. Central’s waterfront already looks very different in reality, let’s hope the authors can catch up with Hong Kong’s speedy development

Hong Kong nightspots with live music

New in Hong Kong? Just passing through and don’t know where to go? Live across the border and got bored with the entertainment offered there?

If you dig live-music and want to hear and see some of Hong Kong’s best musicians resp. bands in comfortable settings, then we want to share this listing recently published by ‘Asian Correspondent’. We would agree with most of their selection – some joints, well, are not really joints and a little bit too plush and unrelaxing for us, but it’s nevertheless a good start and we are sure, most of you will find a place they really like. Have fun!

Here’s the link: 

This is a work in progress, we will add more items on a regular basis. If you know a restaurant, bar, website or anything interesting you would like to add, drop us a line – we respect the views of our readers!

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