China Impressions

Anhui 安徽

Huangshan 黄山








Has anybody seen my key?





Huangshan visitors (off season)







I stopped counting at 10,000 steps – and this guys make the trip twice a day






Hongcun Ancient Village









Two Generations





Developing Countryside





Putuoshan 普陀山

Putuoshan is a small island off Hangzhou Bay, one of the four sacred Buddhist mountains in China. Putuoshan is dedicated to Guanyin (观音), the Goddess of Mercy. The island has multiple temples and other religious sites. It’s best to take two or three days time for a visit, which will allow to escape the masses of worshippers and tourists and find the more tranquil places. Accommodation is available at all levels. This being a Buddhist sacred location, many restaurants offer vegetarian food, which can be, especially on holidays, a bit expensive. But it’s always possible to eat at one of the temples, but look out for displays for lunch and dinner time – the monks eat quite early. The food is very tasty and much more reasonably priced.

Putuoshan can be reached by boat from Shanghai and Ningbo.















































Hengshan Moller Villa





Backalley near Huaihai Road










Bicycle, anybody?





Jeremy Cricket’s Homes







Shanghai Beauty







Cotton Club Jam Session








That’s China!




Fishing in old Shanghai










Shenzhen 深圳

As if traffic wasn’t dangerous enough already…





Build Your Dream






Typhoons make interesting conversation…





…pieces on return home,…





they are more interesting in…





retrospect than in experience





Sunrise in Shekou





Changing Times





Shenzhen Bay





Play a Simple Melody





Country Park near Shenzhen





Thousands of butterflies rest during the day at Nanshan




Lighthouse at Shenzhen Bay












Bauhinia in many colours










Fairy Lake Country Park






















View from OCT East to Dameisha





OCT East hungry fish





Tea plantation in OCT East





Tranquil place in OCT East





OCT East





Window-cleaning, 15th Floor, Shenzhen Style



No water in the neighborhood tonight





Everybody is coming to help – when the work is done





Dear customer…





…your shipment is on the way




Shenzhen – international city












Sunset seen from Shekou

The Great Typhoon Shelter Fire in Shekou of November 2011

For reasons unknown to the day a couple of anchored fishing boats in Shekou’s typhoon shelter caught fire one sunny Wednesday afternoon in November 2011. While no people were harmed, seven boats completely burned down, despite the swift response by Shenzhen’s firefighters. Some images from the event



OCT Loft is Shenzhen’s artists center – an old industrial area has been saved from destruction and re-modeled into a tranquil area with galleries, restaurants and tea houses. Live-concerts from local and overseas bands and musicians can be found here as well. Just follow the announcements in local on-line publications like Shenzhen Standard, Shenzhen Daily or in the Shenzhen section of Delta Bridges to find out what’s going on

OCT Loft is easiest to reach by Metro Line 1 (LuoBao 罗宝 Line), exit A at OCT (华侨城) station or exit A at Qiao Cheng Dong (侨城东) station, follow the signs to Kaiping Street (开平街)






















Shenzhen Flower Market 2012




















































Hong Kong 香港

Exceptionally clear sky over Hong Kong’s Central District








This small shops are open daily, from early in the morning until late

Latest stock indices are never far from sight in Hong Kong








Street market in Causeway Bay

Pedestrians in Central District at lunch time








Hong Kong has the world’s largest fleet of double-deck tramcars, running since 1904








Hong Kong’s contribution to the Occupy-Movement – camping in the entrance hall of the HSBC main building

Hong Kong might be a relative small place, but has some of the biggest shopping malls








If your brand is not present in Hong Kong, you don’t have a brand

Buses and taxis are only part of Hong Kong’s vast and efficient public transport system, handling 11,000,000 daily travels


Making the extra effort in taxi advertising

The debate is still open: What is Hong Kong’s people favorite pastime? Eating out must rank close to the top

Chinese Tea …

… is frequently referred to by inhabitants of the Laowai Biotope as a nuisance and rarely appreciated. For the Chinese people, however, it’s medicine, refreshment, part of a unique culture – surviving for thousands of years and still enjoying great popularity among the younger generation, as was shown again at the 4th International Tea & Tea Culture Expo held from December 19 – 21, 2011, in Shenzhen. Some impressions from this remarkable event, which also drew a number of visitors from Shenzhen’s expat community



No firing in the lift!









From the advertising brochure for an upmarket housing estate in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, we learn:

– The winter solstice core mass surge of enhancement

– Every time a choice

– Based on the law of radiation are proud of core

– Wisteria quarter

– Four seasons aroma of product preview

– Why backpack full of life to meet the load and line

– Double cropping

– Intersection of the city quarter-season blend 

– City buildings light overlapped space walk instantaneous drift


Yes. Please. Don’t.





Who is sleeping?





Everybody wants to follow this road




Proceed in that order. Exactly.






There should be a law regulating the construction of inconvenience to our lives




And during the rest of the month?








(Found by Sebastian Bujnoch-Wang in Hong Kong)






 Well, almost

(Found in Shekou, Shenzhen)





And they mean it! (Found in Hong Kong)





2013-10-21 10.28.20

Beware of the overhead! In Hong Kong they have realized that it actually could spell trouble when the overhead starts working

2013-10-21 16.27.19


At last – the best

I don’t even want to know how it got up there…

(Picture sent by Zhang Wei)

No, it’s not the pest-control stopping by, it’s actually a relocation truck. Back in the 1950s & 60s Chinese were often referred to as ‘blue ants’. More recently, young people and migrant workers, who can’t afford their own homes, started to describe themselves as being members of the ‘ant tribe’, living in often tiny, crowded homes. One smart businessman in Shenzhen picked up the idea

What am I missing here?


Tsingtao Truck

Ars Locus

2012-12-02 06.57.08a

Stay between the lines!

2012-12-08 07.07.11a

Collision course

2013-01-05 12.58.13a

Who is Don?


Tired of Google? Try DuckDuckGo 

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 8.01.02 AM











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