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Glare and UGR – a short descriptionScreenshot 2014-09-26 14.00.27

Glare might seem like a subjective term, but it is actually calculated using a precise formula. Essentially, this formula measures the luminance of a lamp divided by the background of visible luminance from the room. This number is called the Unified Glare Rating, or UGR, and it ranges from 5 to 40. The lower the number, the better. For example, a low UGR of 10 means the glare is so discreet it will go unnoticed, while UGR of 30 will definitely cause distraction.

Here are some links to websites explaining glare and UGR (Unified Glare Rating) in easy to understand terms:






DOE publishes CALIPER Snapshot Report on LED MR 16 Lamps

The U.S. Department of Energy’s CALiPER program has released a Snapshot Report on Screenshot 2014-03-09 16.08.33MR16 lamps, which utilizes the LED Lighting Facts® program’s extensive product database to help industry stakeholders understand the current state and trajectory of the market for that class of products.

Among the key findings:

•Few MR16 lamps currently listed by LED Lighting Facts are comparable to a 50W (12V) halogen MR16 lamp. Of the small subset of MR16s that provided data for beam angle and center beam intensity, only one would meet the minimum ENERGY STAR® center-beam candlepower criterion for equivalence to a 50W halogen MR16 at the same beam angle (40°).

•While the overall number of MR16s listed by LED Lighting Facts has increased slightly over the past three years, they now account for only 4 percent of all listed products, compared with 11 percent three years ago; and the mean efficacy for newly listed LED MR16s has shown minimal change over the past two years.

•Both lumen output and input power have increased steadily in recent quarters. The net result has been little change in luminous efficacy.

•On average, the MR16 lamps listed by LED Lighting Facts have slightly better color quality than other lamp types, with a higher percentage of MR16 lamps having a color rendering index above 90.

•As with all categories, there is substantial variability in the performance of LED MR16 lamps listed by LED Lighting Facts. Specifiers and consumers should evaluate each product on its own merits.

– See more at Screenshot 2014-03-09 16.18.32


China labor shortage? Not this year say suppliers and experts

2013-03-27_070808 global sourcesSINOLAND WORLDWIDE LTD. was quoted in an article by GLOBAL SOURCES


Leslie T. Chang: The voices of China’s workers

2012-09-16_080623 leslie changIn the ongoing debate about globalization, what’s been missing is the voices of workers — the millions of people who migrate to factories in China and other emerging countries to make goods sold all over the world. Reporter Leslie T. Chang sought out women who work in one of China’s booming megacities, and tells their stories.

Watch the full video on 

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SinolandQuality Newsletter

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Read the latest issue of SinolandQuality Newsletter and browse through back-copies

For more go to http://www.sinolandquality.com/Blog/?page_id=4990

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Smart Powered Building – video from Light + Building 2014, Frankfurt

Screenshot 2014-04-02 12.26.30

Take a look back at the first days of the fair. Discover in our clips how the subjects of ‘Intelligent Sustainability’ and the ‘Smart Powered Building’ have been interpreted at Light + Building.

Watch this and more videos from Light + Building 2014 on Screenshot 2014-04-02 12.37.14

LED Lighting: Call for a coherent European vision

A public consultation on the European Commission’s green paper for the future deployment of solid-state lighting (SSL) has generated responses calling for a more coherent vision across the continent, and incentives to promote manufacturing investments for job creation.

To read more please go to 

Harald Haas: Wireless data from every light bulb

Harald Haas

What if every light bulb in the world could also transmit data? At TEDGlobal, Harald Haas demonstrates, for the first time, a device that could do exactly that. By flickering the light from a single LED, a change too quick for the human eye to detect, he can transmit far more data than a cellular tower — and do it in a way that’s more efficient, secure and widespread.

Harald Haas is the pioneer behind a new type of light bulb that can communicate as well as illuminate – access the Internet using light instead of radio waves.

Watch Harald Haas’ exciting speech on TED Banner



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Sourcing, Purchasing and Quality Inspection in (South) China

Doing business in China sucks – or does it?

Read more on Sourcing, Purchasing and Quality Inspection in (South) China





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LED Lighting Applications – Possibilities and Developments

Thermal Management of Cree® XLamp® LEDs

Screenshot 2014-01-10 10.20.01

This application note explains the importance of thermal management, discusses basic thermal fundamentals and details some general guidelines and design recommendations. A basic overview of methods to measure and simulate thermal performance is also provided.

To download the full application note please visit http://tiny.cc/up8f9w


2013-01-21_152030 urban farmingUrban Farming: The LED farming revolution

The BBC’s ‘Horizons’ program looks at urban farming and the role LED lighting does and will play to increase output

To watch all episodes please visit

2013-01-21_153114 bbc horizon

Find more information here:

Philips Horticulture LED

PDF, 4.67 MB


LEDinside: China’s residential lighting market surpasses US$ 800M in 2013

LED Lighting Market 2012

Starting from 2012-2014, bans on incandescent lights has led to the gradual entry of LED products in the residential lighting markets, according to a latest search report by LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce. Improved LED luminous efficacy and lowered LED product prices contributed to higher consumer acceptance levels and rising penetration rates. Japan was the largest LED residential lighting market in 2012, followed by Europe and North America. However, China’s residential lighting’s global market share is also growing.

Read the full report on 2012-06-21_153512 ledinside


HKH Lighting Fair Spring 2013

The sale of LED products and the emerging markets of Russia and the Chinese mainland are the brightest hopes for the lighting industry, according to a survey of participants at the HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition).   – See more at:

2013-01-03_113000 hk trader




LED Reliability

Long life has been billed as a key advantage of LEDs, but understanding and communicating how LED products fail and how long they last can be challenging. While LED-based products hold the potential to achieve lifetimes that meet or exceed their traditional counterparts, manufacturer claims can be misconstrued by users who do not fully understand LED product failure mechanisms or the difference between lifetime and reliability

For more information please follow the link below

DoE Banner


Optical Safety of LEDs paper published

The “Optical and Photobiological Safety of LED, CFLs and Other High Efficiency General Lighting Sources” paper has been released. To download both the full report and an abridged version please visit Global Lighting Association’s website

Comparing LED and Conventional Light

When comparing LED lighting performance to conventional lighting, buyers will want to consider energy efficiency, operating life and lumen depreciation, light output/distribution, color quality, color shift, dimmability, and expected lifetime.

To read more go to 

Cheaper LED Lightbulbs Are on the Way

Silicon backing should make high-efficiency lighting more affordable

To read more go to http://tiny.cc/ijhkfw

Guangdong Province to Complete LED Lightings Transition in Public Places Within 3 Years

On http://tiny.cc/pzl5ew

Links to two more discussions were added on LED Lighting Applications – Possibilities and Developments:

LED solutions make down light applications flexible, reliable and more energy efficient


Navigating uncharted waters: New challenges in specifying LED luminaire lifetime

What if every light bulb had an internet IP address?

LEDs Magazine looks at IPv6-enabled intelligent lighting

To read the whole article please visit 

Let there be intelligent light: The case for LEDs

Everything else has gone digital. Lighting is literally the last vestige of the vacuum tube era.

Read more on 

Hong Kong includes LED lamps in its ‘Voluntary Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme’

Effective June 1, 2012, LED lamps are included in Hong Kong’s Voluntary Energy Efficiency labelling  scheme.

For more information please visit 

Conquering LED Efficiency Droop: Overcoming Mysterious Phenomenon Could Lead to Affordable LED Lighting

Read more on 

Download Future Lighting Solution‘s ‘All in 1 LED Lighting Solutions Guide’ from 

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Martin Jacques, writer and columnist, about Civilization state versus nation-state – China confronts Europe with an enormous problem: we do not understand it

More about this article on Opinions

Is the End of Cheap China near or here? While the debate goes on, it’s worthwhile to look at predictions made in the past and see how things have developed in the meantime. For more go to The Pearl River Delta

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What Else Happened?


Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2012 commenced on June 9-12, 2012 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China. The exhibition consisted of not only Chinese companies such as Mulinsen, ChangFang, Honglitronic, and Refond Optoelectronics but also global big names such as Philips, Osram, GE, Panasonic, and Toshiba. Taiwanese LED companies gathered at Arena B – 10.2 and 11.2 while international top-tier firms showcased at Arena A – 3.1 and 4.1. Displays and TVs were exhibited at Arena B – 12.1 and 13.1.

To read more please visit 

Didn’t happen:

The great annular solar eclipse of 2012 fell flat due to seasonal cloudy weather and was not visible in the the PRD. Now we have to wait another 300 years, or so, we are told, when the next one visible in our area is due

New Procedures to Make Foreign Company Registration much Easier in Guangdong

More info on 

Shenzhen’s annual Flower Market in Luohu’s Aiguo Road (爱国路) is the largest of its kind in Greater Shenzhen and held in the week before the Spring Festival.  More pictures on China Impressions

Allen Youngblood & Eugene Pao Live @Grappa’s Cellar, Hong Kong (Jan 21, 2012) See and listen on This and That – links we think are worthwhile to know

China’s commemorative stamp for the Year of the Dragon drew some attention. Few have seen it, but those who didn’t have an opinion anyway. See the Chinese dragon and some of his international cousins and make up your mind: Which is the most fearsome of them all? on Droppings from the Laowai Biotope



Pictures from the Great Typhoon Shelter Fire in Shekou on China Impressions





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New Books

10_HKW_Kowloon_TsimShaTsui_2009_72dpiThe German Media Artist Andreas Mueller-Pohle has taken pictures of Hong Kong from level 0 – sea level, that is, and sometimes even below. His photos are now published as a book, for more details about the book go to Do some reading. It’s good for you.


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